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- Rick Deckard
Rutger Hauer - Roy Batty
Sean Young - Rachael
Edward James Olmos - Gaff
M. Emmet Walsh - Bryant
Daryl Hannah - Pris
William Sanderson - J.F. Sebastian
Brion James - Leon
Joe Turkel - Tyrell
Joanna Cassidy - Zhora
James Hong - Hannibal Chew, Eyemaker
Morgan Paull - Holden
Kevin Thompson - Bear
John Edward Allen - Kaiser
Hy Pyke - Taffey Lewis
Kimiko Hiroshige - Cambodian Lady
Bob Okazaki - Howie Lee
Carolyn DeMirjian - Saleslady
Leo Gorcey Jr. - Louie the Bartender
Tom Hutchinson - Bartender
Charles Knapp - Bartender
Jiro Okazaki - Policeman
Steve Pope - Policeman
Robert Reiter - Policeman
Kelly Hine - Showgirl
Rose Mascari - Bar Patron
Sharon Hesky - Bar Patron

There are some films you forget almost as soon as the closing credits roll. Then there are others you couldn't erase if your life depended on it.

Such is the case with Blade Runner, a sci-fi thriller that spawned a thousand clones but remains unmissable.

Back in the Autumn of 1982, Gladiator director Ridley Scott released what many belive to be his masterpiece.

Based on Philip K Dick's haunting novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the Geordie director cast Harrison Ford as Roy Deckard, a retired bounty hunter called into service to track down a band of super robots.

While Dick's novel centred on Androids or 'Andys', the film version would focus on The Nexus Six - a band of artifical humans so perfect, no-one could tell them from their human counterparts.

Declared illegal on earth under penalty of death, they return to Terra Firma in the hope of a finding a way of surviving past their four year lifespan.

Leader of the bad guys is Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), a hyper intelligent model who proves more than a match for Deckard. However, Leon (the late Brion James), Zhora (Joanna Cassidy) and Pris (Daryl Hannah) are far from harmless either.

If that's four of the Nexus Six, what about the rest?

Well, according to the movie, 'one of them got fried running through an electrical field,'. The one in question was Mary (Stacy Nelkin) but her role ended up on the cutting room floor.

As for the sixth member, many believe it to be the Blade Runner himself. Look closely and you can see his eyes glowing during some scenes - a recurring theme among Replicants.

As you would expect from Ridley Scott, the movie looks breathtaking, thanks to some fine photography by Jordan Cronenweth, special effects by Douglas Trumbull and production design by Lawrence G Paull.

The audio isn't bad either. Vangelis' score remains one of the best of the Eighties and the haunting sound effects - from the cat wails of the city to the ever present advertising blimp - get under your skin, supplying a permanent sense of unease.

Making the movie was a far from happy experience for cast and crew. It was Scott's first film shot outside his native England and he faced a lot of flak from his American staff not too keen on his meticulous approach. They expressed their disapproval by wearing Tee shirts bearing the legend 'Yes Guvnor: My ass!'

The reason for some of this animosity was the fact that Ridley would arrive on set after the construction crew had been working all night and remark: "It's a good start. Now turn those columns upside down."

The fact that every part of the cityscape was designed, from the giant Tyrell pyramid right down to the specially printed newspapers tested the crew to their limit.

Although a flop on its original outing, Blade Runner eventually made its money back. A 1992 re-release - minus the irritating voice over and the happy ending - made it an altogether more sombre experience for a new generation of fans.

There was also an extra dream sequence involving a unicorn, the strongest suggestion that Deckard may be little more than a glorified android.

As with Scott's previous movie, Alien, the look of the film went on to inspire a generation of film-makers.

The sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, circa 2019, remains a breath-taking sight even though many of the companies featured in the billboards - such as Pan Am and Atari - have gone under - a trait known in the industry as the Blade Runner curse.

As for the cast? Well Harrison Ford may not have liked it but he gives a stunning performance as the world weary plod who bites off more than he can chew.

Co-stars Rutger Hauer, Daryl Hannah and Sean Young have never been better - a fact which almost atones for their sins in that string of bad movies that pop up most nights on Channel 5

Philip K Dick died prior to the movie's release but did get to see footage before it hit cinemas.

"This is not like anything we have ever seen," he remarked. "It isn't like anything that has ever been done."

A statement as true in 1982 as it is today. � 2001 Roger Crow

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
I love bladerunner

Yes its a great movie -eternal

Posted at 02:58 pm by maffat

Sunday, December 20, 2009
Ridley Scott, Rutger Hauer Blade Runner day at the BFI

Ridley Scott, Rutger Hauer Blade Runner day at the BFI

Mon, Mar 9, 2009

Film, TV and radio

Saturday March 21st will be Blade Runner Day at the BFI Southbank; as I mentioned on here recently Sir Ridley Scotts masterpiece of future-noir topped the BFIs 75th birthday poll Visions of the Future. The 21st will see screenings of the film, On The Edge of Blade Runner & Panel Discussion (presented by Mark Kermode with interviews with Rutger Hauer, Darryl Hannah and Ridley Scott), a Q&A with Rutger Hauer after a screening of Blade Runner: the Final Cut, signings and finally Sir Ridley Scott in Conversation a rare opportunity to see one of Britains best directors. Blade Runner has been one of my top ten films for years and one Ive re-watched many times, but even so when the opportunity comes up to see it again on the big screen (where it belongs) I jump at it and if youve never seen it outside of home video and youre able to go along, take my advice and see it on a cinema screen. That opening sequence of future LA, flying cars, leaping flames, neon structures and Vangelis music still sends shivers down my spine as one of the most visually rich scenes in modern cinema and its impact on a big screen is a thousand times more than on even the best home screen.

Blade Runner eyeball city reflection.jpg

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Posted at 02:04 am by maffat

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
a poem and an image

my heart
powerful machine of blood
is beating every minute of its life.
in love.

Posted at 03:16 pm by maffat

Friday, January 02, 2009
roy batty


Played by: Rutger Hauer
Leader of the renegade replicants

INCEPT DATE: 8 Jan, 2016

FUNCTION: Combat, Colonization Defense Prog


Roy Batty, the leader of the renegade Nexus 6 Replicants. Very intelligent, fast and skilled at combat, and yet learning how to deal with developing emotions. He leads a few of his 'friends' on what is inevitably a fruitless search for more life. As hope slowly fades away and his friends are eliminated one by one, it is his experience that carries us through with the question of "what is human?"

The "prodigal son" of Eldon Tyrell, Roy returns to his "father". First seeking a longer life, then asking forgiveness, he ultimately destroys his own maker.

There is no future for Roy, as his friends are killed, his hope for more life is quoshed and finally his girlfriend, Pris, is 'retired' by the Blade Runner Deckard.

After he plays cat and mouse with Deckard, he performs an act suggesting perhaps that he has gained the empathy that is the thin dividing line between the Humans and the Replicants. Showing more "humanity" than the men who seek to kill him, we are left wondering at what exactly makes us human

The Best!

Blade Runner Poems !!

Posted at 12:52 pm by maffat

The Magic!

WELCOME to Blade Runner Eyes of the Future!
~Blade Runner the Eyes of the Future~

The Parting of the Mist

Film History: Blade Runner

Joseph M. Reagle Jr.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...Attack ships on fire off the shores of Orion...I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost...like tears in rain." - Roy Batty.

The conflict between the blade runner Deckard and the off world replicants is the central force of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. This conflict not only provides the means of narrative movement, but the philosophical and symbolical stimulation that engages one's mental and visual appetite.

The argument that makes the above conflict interesting is the possibility that Deckard was that which he had to kill: a replicant. This argument has been posited by many critics of the film, and has further intensified my understanding of the film. In this paper I will not only use the great body of criticism to defend this argument, but present a theory of my own: that Deckard's nemesis, Roy Batty, knew that Deckard was a replicant.

The likelihood of Deckard being a Replicant has always been an overt possibility in the film. Rachael, a replicant whom Deckard administered the Voight-Kampff test to, asks him if he himself has ever taken the test to find out if he is truly human.[*] The question goes unanswered, but further elements of the film make the silent answer all the more apparent; such as those noted by Philip Strick:

Four replicants have arrived in the city - Pris, Zhora, Leon, and their leader Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) - and Deckard has to deal with them. Minutes later, Bryant describes how six replicants ("three male, three female") hi- jacked a space shuttle back to Earth, and one of these has since been killed during a break-in at the Tyrell Corporation headquarters. Which leaves five

Further, the great importance of visual and memory design within the film leads us to find that Deckard is not much different from those whom he hunts. ("How does it feel to live in fear?")

The replicants realy on photographs and implanted memories to bolster their nascent and fragile emotions. After Deckard tells Rachael that her photos and memories are merely copies of those that belong to Tyrell's niece, he falls asleep amidst his own childhood photographs. Perhaps the most important aspect of the recently released director's cut is the footage of Deckard's dream. He dreams of a unicorn. This is directly referenced at the ending in which another blade runner, Graff, leaves an origami Unicorn outside Deckard's door to signify that he is allowing Deckard to escape with Rachael. By this inclusion, Scott lends weight to the "Deckard as a replicant" concept by implying that another blade runner knew Deckard's dreams. Nor was Scott above playing with words as seen by the fact that Deckard "retires" (kills) Replicants, after he himself is brought back from retirement.

The above interpretation of Deckard has led to much discussion concerning the nature of Deckard's relations with the replicants and especially Roy Batty.

First, I shall consider Deckard's relationship with the other replicants. In a grotesque way it is one of melding, marriage, and death. Deckard finds himself in love with Rachael, a replicant he should kill. Later, he seeks out Zhora and approaches her as she showers in order to protect her from "lewd and unsavory persons" and "dirty holes". This sexual context is a pretext to determine whether she is a replicant. She flees, and he chases and kills her in the slow scene of shattering glass and blood. When Leon attempts to avenge Zhora's death, Rachael kills Leon, further indebting Deckard to Rachael. The scene in which Deckard kills Pris is important as well, as seen by David Dress's interpretation: Later, Pris, who knows Deckard is coming, puts on a long veil and hides among the dolls in J. F. Sebastion's apartment. As Deckard sees her and starts to remove the veil, like a bridegroom approaching his shy bride, she attacks him. She performs two lightning-like flips, leaps high in the air and lands on Deckard's shoulders, crushing him between her thighs.

Hence, with Deckard's relations to the other replicants seen as one of marriage or the incorporation of that which he kills, we can further consider his relation with Roy. Roy has often been interpreted as a Christ/Anti-Christ figure, and there is much evidence to support such an interpretation: Roy visits his father Tyrell atop Mt. Olympus to confess to his creator, he pushes a nail through his own hand in order to feel pain and "life", and when he dies, a white dove ascends from his still body. Considering Deckard in the same light, we see that Deckard is possibly not "human" as well, but a replicant. One who has risen from the dead (retirement) with definite human qualities, so as to be the Son of Man and Replicant. This union is accomplished knowingly by Roy, forging Deckard through the fires of a harrowing battle. Through this, Roy tries to communicate his life experiences, and the importance of life before his own flame extinguishes.

Of course, the question of how Roy knew about Deckard need be asked. Aside from the possibility that Deckard could be one of the "missing" two replicants, who could have known Roy before Deckard's mind was reprogrammed by Tyrell Corp., a previous scene acts as the precedent for a more likely theory. Off screen Deckard is able to read Rachael's detailed files on her inception date, and the source of her memories. If Graff had access to such files on Deckard (as seen by the unicorn) it is probable that Roy would have seen similar information on Deckard as he searched for information on himself after he killed Tyrell.

Hence, the riveting ending is not a simple chase by which a replicant chases a human, but a melding. A further transference (marriage/sex) between Deckard and Roy as seen by Roy's playful exhortations for Deckard to live:

Come on, Deckard, show me what you're made of. Proud of yourself, little man? My turn. I'm going to give you a few seconds before I come. I'm coming. Four, five, try to stay alive. Come on, get it up! Unless you're alive you can't play. And if you don't play . . . . Six, seven, go to hell or go to heaven.

Considering this, it is arguable that the conflict I mentioned, is a dialectical process by which Deckard and the other replicants merge super-human abilities with human frailty and life. In the final scene, Roy further prepares the way for Deckard, by transforming into a dove, which parts the black fog that has permeated the film. This final action allows Deckard and Rachael (Adam and Eve) to part from the clouds as well, to an unpolluted garden; taking the memory of Roy's tears, so as not to be lost in the rain.

Second Manager: Semper Fidelis

Got a personal website or group? Or maybe just an interesting site you know of; You can sent to ..The RUTGER HAUER MSN WEBRING!--We All will be very Happy!


My Links Page...

Posted at 12:50 pm by maffat

blade runner catala

WELCOME to Blade Runner Eyes of the Future!
~Blade Runner the Eyes of the Future~

Blade Runner PHOTOS;))

Blade Runner novenadimensio

Blade Runner Androides

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

L'any 82, el cineasta Riddley Scott va adaptar al cinema la novel.la de Philip k. Dick "Somien els androides en ovelles el�ctriques?" amb excel.lents resultats. "Blade Runner" �s un "thriller" futurista que va marcar �poca per la seva visi� desencantada i tecnificada del futur i una est�tica de la qual s'han alimentat des del "manga" fins a la publicitat. Riddley Scott no descarta rodar una segona part de "Blade Runner", per� de moment el projecte no est� confirmat. "Blade Runner" viu tamb� una feli� exist�ncia a Internet, on hi ha un aut�ntic univers de p�gines dedicades al tema. Per orientar-se entre tanta informaci� sobre les aventures del detectiu Decker i els replicants, us recomanem comen�ar per aquest navegador, on hi ha "links" amb les millors p�gines sobre "Blade Runner".

Posted at 12:49 pm by maffat

bladerunner deutch

WELCOME to Blade Runner Eyes of the Future!
~Blade Runner the Eyes of the Future~


F�nf Sterne weil's Blade Runner ist, � DVD kann man streiten Der Film ist klasse und imo der beste ScFi Film aller Zeiten. Die Atmosph�re ist melancholisch sch�n, der Soundtrack passt perfekt zu den deprimierenden jedoch auch beeindruckenden Bildern, welche absichtlich dunkel gehaltenen sind, eben typisch Ridley Scott. Dies ist jedoch sein Meisterwerk, in welchem er die Atsmoshp�re von Alien mit einer spektakul�ren Endzeitvision von LA verbunden hat. Der Film stellt die Sehns�chte und Bedr�ckung eines Jeden dar in der Massengesellschaft, ohne dabei ein Happy End zu garantieren. Bzgl der DVD, es h�tte schon mehr sein k�nnen, die Version ist lieblos auf die DVD gepresst ohne sonderliche Features oder Verbesserungen, was bei dem Preis ein wenig unversch�mt ist. Wer die Kino/TV Version mit den Kommentaren schon gesehen hat wird diese anfangs vermissen, jedoch mit der Zeit das offengelassene Ende mehr zu sch�tzen wissen als das leicht unpassende Happy End und Sonnenschein (!) der urspr�nglichen Version, da diese bei bekannter Handlung nicht notwendig sind. Dies h�tte aber optional sein sollen. Alles in allem f�r Fans die sich endlich Blade Runner auf DVD sichern wollen, f�r Andere die den Film noch nicht gesehen haben ist wohl die Fernsehversion besser geeignet

Blade Runner PHOTOS;))

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Posted at 12:48 pm by maffat

Blade Runner: un precursore

WELCOME to Blade Runner Eyes of the Future!
~Blade Runner the Eyes of the Future~

ll suo valore per la cultura cyberpunk risiede nella tensione irrisolta, nell'ambiguit� e nella complessit� che lo permeano, Blade Runner � ancora pervaso dalla paura rimossa dall'uomo di riconoscere che "l'altro da s� � il s� senza alcuna certezza della propria origine e del proprio futuro" [7], dal timore inconfessabile di scoprirsi replicanti, magari di generazioni inferiori. Questa paura latente e inespressa � il fattore che distanzia maggiormente il film dalla poetica cyberpunk, � l'elemento che ne fa un precursore, un antesignano, piuttosto che una sua compiuta espressione. Nella societ� del futuro dipinta dalla nuova narrativa l'integrazione tra uomo e tecnologia � un fatto ormai compiuto. I personaggi cercano coscientemente l'ibridazione con la tecnologia, sia tramite alterazioni tecno-cibernetiche, sia attraverso la manipolazione genetica. Ci� che nel film � visto come devianza (la manipolazione genetica � finalizzata alla creazione di potenti ed efficaci schiavi da sfruttare) nei romanzi cyberpunk � ormai divenuta la norma. In Blade Runner il confine tra l'uomo ed il suo simulacro diviene labile, invisibile, impalpabile e provoca intrinsecamente e irreparabilmente inquietudine e smarrimento. La separazione tra naturale e artificiale sembra essere identificata per la societ� di Blade Runner con la capacit� di provare emozioni, sentimenti: l'anima, che da sempre si presenta come l'elemento distintivo dell'uomo, che lo innalza al di sopra delle altre creature dell'universo. Il film � una profonda riflessione sulla nostra incapacit� di "orientarci" in un orizzonte dominato dall'artificio, in un mondo in cui persino gli animali autentici sono stati sostituiti con le loro copie tecnologiche. "Il tema fondamentale del film � lo sforzo dello sguardo di rompere l'opacit�, di aprirsi una via al di l� dei muri e dentro i corpi, per renderli trasparenti e penetrare la dimensione segreta che pu� dirci che cosa � umano e cosa non lo �."


Posted at 12:47 pm by maffat

Blade Runner - the story of a policeman

Join Rutger's Home Have Fun- Int'l .

Rutger Hauer Official Site">RUTGER HAUER STARFISH
The BEST Place!

How much of Blade Runner has come true?

We love to look for echoes of our present in the sci-fi films of the past. A new UN report suggests 1982's rather bleak Blade Runner may be in danger of proving all too accurate. The world's climate could soon resemble the urban smog shown in the popular science fiction movie Blade Runner, suggests a report by UN scientists working for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Is the future twilight? The sort of chemical pollution which keeps the futuristic Los Angeles of the film in permanent, drizzling twilight, could actually spread across much of the northern hemisphere in the coming decades, warns the UN. Blade Runner - the story of a policeman on the trail of four murderous genetically-engineered androids - was one of the first sci-fi blockbusters to paint a dystopian (i.e. non-Utopian) picture of the future. Although set in 2019, the film deals with issues and problems familiar to us today, says Ed Lawrenson from Sight and Sound magazine. "Blade Runner was always a film that is very much about 'now'. It shows a future that can be recognised by people, because it is based on trends that we can see around us." Director Ridley Scott took issues already noticeable in the 1980s, such as urban development, genetic engineering, and, of course, climate change, and took them to what he thought was their next logical stage. So what else did Blade Runner get right? Technoir babble Though most the film's dialogue is in English, the residents of LA in 2019 also converse in a patois of Japanese, German and Spanish. "What's Spanglish for 'help'?" Though few of us have embraced Esperanto, the 115-year-old "universal" language devised by L L Zamenhof, a de facto global tongue has emerged - English. More people now speak English as a second language than as their mother tongue, a factor which may explain the development of some Blade Runneresque hybrids. Spanglish is spoken by some 31 million people. This mix of Spanish and English words was born in the Hispanic communities of United States, but has since spread back into Latin America. An American academic has documented 6,000 distinct Spanglish words - including "bipiar" (to page someone), "gr�ceri" (a supermarket) and "aftersheif" (aftershave). "I told him teasing the dragon's an obiang idea" Singapore too boasts hybrid language, Singlish - English punctuated by words such as "obiang" (bad) and "kayu" (stupid). Variations on English may not have it all their own way though. The languages of China may play an increasingly important global role. Thanks to the rapid growth of the internet in the People's Republic, it is predicted Chinese will become the dominant e-language well before 2019. Eyes on the skies The skies of Ridley Scott's LA are almost as crowded as its teeming streets. Huge "blimp" billboards roaming above the city might have seemed fanciful in 1982, but the airship is now promising to make a comeback. Is anyone still not getting a signal? Dirigibles - currently still an exotic sight in our skies - have been suggested as perfect floating platforms for mobile phone masts. Sky Station, a company fronted by former US sectretary of state Alexander Haig, has said 250 airships could offer video-phone and internet access to 80% of the world's population. A German company also has hopes of creating a new generation of super blimps - capable of carrying huge 160-tonne payloads. The flying cars envisaged in Blade Runner may be farther off. However, the public appetite for personal air transport seems as keen as ever. Witness the excitement surrounding the development of the SoloTrek, a prototype helicopter backpack. "Are you leaving that parking space?" "We have all been dreaming of such a vehicle for many years," said Michael Moshier, boss of the SoloTrek's makers. "Now the dream is about to become a reality." Such is our desire for highways in the sky, that when top US inventor Dean Kamen admitted to be working on something to "profoundly" change our cites, many BBC News Online users suggested a Blade Runner "hover car" was on the cards. More human than human Robots and androids are nothing new in sci-fi. But just as Stanley Kubrick's 2001 pondered the implications of building super-intelligent computers, Blade Runner looks at what might happen if we create machines in our image. The "replicant" androids which run amok in the film are greatly troubled by their lack of meaningful memories and emotional inexperience. "I feel different somehow" The film's message has not been lost on those developing so-called artificial intelligence. Dr. Anne Foerst, an AI researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Lutheran minister, uses Blade Runner as a teaching aid. "The movie raises this wonderful question: how do humanoid creatures feel about having been created by us and how do they deal with their human-made limitations?" Not all the movie's predictions have come true. The cityscape was littered with advertising hoardings and neon displays - many of which related to companies which have since suffered the so-called curse of Blade Runner. Airline Pan Am, games console maker Atari and telephone company Bell were ubiquitous in the early 1980s. Today, let alone in 2019, they have largely disappeared from the public consciousness. So much for future gazing.


Posted at 12:46 pm by maffat

Philliph k. Dick

WELCOME to Blade Runner Eyes of the Future!
~Blade Runner the Eyes of the Future~

Hi all;here is the place where you can find some very intersting sites about Blade Runner.Little by little we will send more to the group!

Philip K. Dick, well respected science-fiction writer, worked closely with the BLADE RUNNER producers until his untimely passing in March 1982.

DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?, the classic science-fiction novel from which BLADE RUNNER was adapted, was first published in 1969.

"All I can say is that the world in BLADE RUNNER is where I really live. That is where I think I am anyway. This world will now be a world that every member of the audience will inhabit. It will not be my private world. It is now a world where anyone who will go into the theatre and sit down and watch the film will be caught up and the world is so overpowering, it is so profoundly overpowering that it is going to be very hard for people to come out of it and adjust to what we normally encounter.

"Once the film begins, you are taken from this world into that world and you really are in that world. And I think the most exciting thing is that it is a lived-in world. A world where people actually live. It is not a hygienically pristine space colony which looks like a model seen at the Smithsonian Institute. No, this is a world where people live. And the cars use gas and are dirty and there is kind of a gritty rain falling and its smoggy. Its just terribly convincing when you see it.

"Everbody seems to have some kind of business that he is engaged in. Everybody is involved in some kind of thing. Which is what you really do see in a big metropolis. You always wonder, who are these people? Where are they going? What are they doing? What kind of lives are they leading? You become endlessly curious about this amazing complex life of the metropolis. What exists behind those closed doors? What is going on behind those lighted windows? You get a glimpse but you never get the full story.

"One day I woke up and realized that there are 47,000 barrels of nuclear waste that have been dumped in the Atlantic and about half of that in the Pacific. In 45 years those thousands and thousands of barrels of nuclear waste, radioactive waste will begin to leak into the ocean and begin to destroy the life chain at its source. And suddenly I realized that, although I won't be alive when it happens, my children and other people will be alive. I realized that this is the most urgent problem that faces us. Destruction of the ocean is destruction of the whales, the porpoises and the life chain itself. We are poisoning our entire life and we really must be the guardians and the caretakers of the whole biosphere. I allways thought of it as a hypothetical situation and all of a sudden it became extremely real.

"The Voight-Kampff empathy test is probably as valid a test as there is ever going to be--because it is testing for something beyond intelligence, but which is still a form of intelligence. It is sort of a higher form of intelligence, that is, a concern for other living beings. What the test really asks the replicant to demonstrate is a reciprocal concern for other life. One is concerned for the replicants and one asks in return from the replicants a concern for the lives of other creatures. The replicants are entitled to this concern but only if they themselves exhibit it.

"The purpose of this story as I saw it was that in his job of hunting and killing these replicants, Deckard becomes progressively dehumanized. At the same time, the replicants are being perceived as becoming more human. Finally, Deckard must question what he is doing, and really what is the essential difference between him and them? And, to take it one step further, who is he if there is no real difference?

"Seeing Rutger Hauer as Batty just scared me to death, because it was exactly as I had pictured Batty, but more so. I could have picked Sean Young out of a hundred different women as Rachael. She has that look.

"Ofcourse Harrison Ford is more like Rick Deckard than I could have even imagined. I mean it is just incredible. It was simply eerie when I first saw the stills of Harrison Ford. I was looking at some stills from the movie and I thought, this character, Deckard, really exists. There was a time that he did not exist, now he actually exists. But he is not the result of any one individual's conception or effort. He is to a very large extent, Harrison Ford's efforts. And there is actually, in some eerie way, a genuine, real, authentic Deckard now.

"Friends of mine who looked at the photographs, who read the novel, said, 'Do you realize that if you had not written that book, Harrison Ford would not be wearing that tie, he would not be wearing those shoes?' And I said, 'That is true. But what is more exciting is that if Harrison Ford had not played that role, Deckard would never become an actual person.' Ford radiates this tremendous reality when you see him. And seeing him as a character I created is a stunning and almost supernatural experience to me."
-Philip K. Dick



Do you like our owl? Have you ever retired a human by mistake? Is this testing whether I'm a Replicant or a lesbian, Mr Deckard?

WELCOME to Blade Runner Eyes of the Future!
~Blade Runner the Eyes of the Future~

Posted at 12:44 pm by maffat

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